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UNISEX Silver Spiral Wire Necklace/Pendant (Statement Piece)

UNISEX Silver Spiral Wire Necklace/Pendant (Statement Piece)

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Unisex Silver Spiral Necklace/Pendant. DESIGNER STATEMENT PIECE - FIRE -

  • Unique Spiral Design.
  • Silver wire pendant (35mm) with a lustrous finish.
  • Tarnish-Resistent.
  • Comes with a long dk. gray vegan cord (44"). You can tie it in the back and you can adjust the length to your desired preference.
  • The vegan cord can be exchanged for; a light gray cord or a black cord (both are 44" in length). Or you may exchange it for a silver link chain or black link chain with a lobster clasp (both are 24" in length). *AT NO EXTRA COST - READ CONDITIONS BELOW

*PLEASE-KEEP-IN-MIND that this is a one-of-a-kind Statement Piece. First come, First Served. The necklace/pendant usually comes with a beautiful vegan cord (unless otherwise specified). However; once you've made your purchase, you have the option to specify a certain color or chain (from the list of choices that we have provided for this item, if it's still available). To do this, you will need to submit your request to us by email ( within 10-days of purchase, otherwise; your necklace/pendant will be shipped with a vegan cord.

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